Wedding Ceremony Format

Below is a basic layout of a ceremony. Of course, your ceremony may be entirely different!
This just gives you a guide as to which elements are usually found in a complete ceremony.

Lance and Melissa
married at Sirromet Winery on 26th August 2006

Welcome by Christine to your guests

The Giving Away of the Bride

In addition to a traditional "giving away", a Combined Parent Blessing could also take place

Introduction to the Ceremony

Brief explanations on what marriage means to you as a couple, and what it is that has brought you to this point in your lives.

A Reading or Poem (if desired)

Usually read by a close friend or relative

The Asking (or Statement of Intent)

The "I do's" part of the ceremony!
"Do you Matt promise to love and cherish Lauren..." etc

Celebrant Monitum (Legally Required)

The Marriage Vows

Your vows can be as personal as you would like them to be...
I can provide you with samples, or assist you in writing your own!

Exchanging of Rings

A Second Reading or Poem (if desired)

Declaration of Marriage

The Kiss!

Signing of the Register

Symbolic Ceremony (if desired)

If not already included earlier, you may like to include a symbolic ceremony here, such as a unity candle, sand blending ceremony, family unity ceremony etc.
Not sure? Please see me for ideas!

Presentation of the Bride and Groom

Introduction to your guests... Please welcome "Mr and Mrs Jones"
or perhaps "the newly married Ken and Stacey!" used commonly by couples when the bride is not changing her surname after marriage

Marriage Certificate is presented, and you walk down the aisle as husband and wife!



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