Congratulations... you're getting married!

Romantic, Elegant, Traditional... Relaxed or Fun...
Your wedding ceremony should be the way YOU want it to be!

I make sure your ceremony is just as you want it to be,
and I care about the 'little' things others may overlook...
From ensuring guests have turned off their mobile phones,
making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed,
through to making sure the pen you sign with on the day
looks beautiful for your photos and actually works!

My passion is personal ceremonies that help reflect your personalities and express your true feelings from the heart on your wedding day...




The NIM must be lodged with your celebrant NO LATER than one month and one day
before your wedding date, and no earlier than 18 months before.

I provide you with all required paperwork, and print all details on the forms for you.


I must sight original copies of your birth certificates before the marriage can take place.

If you were born inside Australia, I can only accept an original birth certificate
or original extract of birth... (I cannot accept Australian Passports).
If you do not have a copy, I can help you to order one.

If you were born outside Australia, I must sight your birth certificate, OR a valid overseas
passport if your birth certificate is not readily available.


If you have been married previously, then I need to sight proof that the previous marriage is no longer valid by way of a Divorce Certificate, or a Death Certificate if you have been widowed.


You require 2 legal witnesses to your marriage. Most people choose their best man and chief bridesmaid, however these can be any two people you like over the age of 18 years.
You will need to provide me with their full legal name (including middle names!)


Phone or email to check that your date is still available! If contacting me by email, I will need to know your names, a contact phone number, the location of your wedding and the proposed date and time.

At our meeting, we complete the legal paperwork and a non-refundable Booking Fee of $200 is paid.
Interstate and International couples will complete this process by email and/or fax.

The booking fee secures your date and time of ceremony, lodges your legal paperwork, and provides you access to my resources relevant to the package you have chosen. This amount is then deducted from your total ceremony fee, and the balance is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding.

For your convenience, I accept payment by way of Cash, Direct Deposit into my bank account,
Credit Card through PAYMATE, or Australian Money Order.

(Please note credit cards attract a 50c +3% transaction fee through Paymate.)

Click here to view the BASIC FORMAT for a Wedding Ceremony

This page is dedicated to my wonderful husband, Mark...
12 years of marriage, and you're still the apple of my eye!

To my darling Mark,
You are the love of my life and my very best friend.
"Mawwiage... that bwessed aawangement... that dweam wif-fin a dweam"
ylw... Chrissie x

Our Wedding Day - 3 May 1997

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