Tree Planting Ceremonies

Symbolic tree planting ceremonies are an age-old ritual, spanning many countries and numerous cultures. Putting a healthy, young tree in the ground is a symbol of celebration: representing life, hope, growth and continuity. Tree plantings have been used to mark special occasions, celebrations of life and lives well lived.

Some families have a tradition of planting a tree for each child when they are born, so they can watch as the child and the tree mature. Sometimes called a living memorial, trees stand firm throughout the years, changing and growing.

A treeplanting is a beautiful reminder also for loved ones who are no longer with us on this earth, but have returned to the soil from which a tree establishes it's roots.

This can be a particularly significant ceremony for parents of deceased children, or those who have suffered a miscarriage or still-birth.

It is a special, respectful, and loving way to honour the life of the child that was loved and wanted, but never have the opportunity to flourish and grow into maturity like their tree. It then remains a living, breathing, touchable memorial to the memory of your precious little angel...

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