So what happens at a Naming Ceremony?

This is your special ceremony for your child and we worktogether on the to make it a day that is personal, meaningful and special to your family. When deciding what to include, it is wise to remember that there will probably be other small children around that really don't want to sit still for an hour-long poetry recital!! Ceremonies are designed to be approx 15 minutes in length.

As a general guideline the ceremony usually includes the following:

A personalised naming certificate is presented to the child. Certificates for grandparents, God parents or guardians can also be arranged as required for a small fee per certificate.

Naming Ceremonies as such, are usually not religious. However, as it is your ceremony, you can include as much, as little, or no religious content as you deem appropriate.

Due to my personal faith, I am also able to perform Christian Dedication Ceremonies and Private Christenings, for families that may not be able to attend a church or place of worship due to personal reasons or family situations. Please see Christian Dedications to find out more regarding these ceremonies.

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