Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a child is a wonderful miracle...

Name giving ceremonies are wonderful and joyous celebrations to acknowledge the birth of your child and be thankful for their safe arrival into the world.

Namegiving Ceremonies are a beautiful way to officially welcome your child to your family and wider circle of friends that will surround them and support them as they grow to adulthood. It is also a wonderful way to introduce your child to those people you have not seen for a long time, or to celebrate the formal adoption of a chosen child.

Rest assured your children are in safe hands with me! I have spent many years as a childcare teacher, creche, sunday school and playgroup leader. I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Education, and I hold a current "Blue Card" authorising my suitability to work with children... yes.. you could say I love kids! And I feel blessed to be a part of their celebrations...

So what happens at a Naming Ceremony?

Christian Dedication Ceremonies

Dedications are ceremonies of thankfulness to God, designed for families that have Christian beliefs, and wish to bring up their child according to biblical standards.

This service dedicates your child to God, and acknowledges your role as parents, in guiding this little ones life to grow and develop an understanding and personal relationship with God.

Your family and friends form the 'congregation' and pledge to help raise this child in an attitude of love and understanding.

What does a Christian Dedication Ceremony Involve?


Godparents or Guardians

Couples may elect to have "God Parents" for the child. Godparents are traditionally special people in your life that will be good role models for your children in the years ahead.

Family and friends can also be invited to pledge their love, support, and guidance to the child and the parents, along with Godparents.

The ceremony can also give formal recognition to the role of brother/sisters, grandparent, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins.

Legal Guardianship is a seperate matter entirely. You can appoint "Guardians" in a ceremony, however to make this legally binding, you will need to ensure that it is written into your Will's by your solicitor or lawyer.

Certificates can be presented to the godparents, grandparents, and guardians to remind them of this ceremony and their special place in your childs life.

How do you choose Godparents or Guardians?




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