Handfasting Ritual

This is a lovely dimension you can add to your wedding or commitment ceremony. In days gone by, couples would indicate their betrothal to another through this type of ceremony.

It is also the origin of a term we commonly use today to indicate the act of marriage - "tying the knot".

What is involved in handfasting?

Handfasting signifies the joining of two hand, hearts and lives in love and unity. It is a very symbolic and expressive way to tangibly show others your commitment to one another.

A handfasting involves a length of ribbon or cord - these can be coloured, plaited, sheer, or three-stranded depending on what you decide to use for your ceremony.

During this ceremony, words are spoken to each other as a promise of your commitment to each other, then the celebrant will often say, or pray a marriage blessing over your lives as she binds your hands with the cord or ribbon. She will then explain to those present, the significance of "tying the knot".

You will then be asked to remove your hands, and the knotted ribbon or cord is placed into a small bag to never be undone, but kept as a daily reminder of the pledge you have made to one another.

I can help you to design this ceremony to what you want to say personally to each other, or we can use your wedding vows at this part of the ceremony instead of as a seperate event.

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