Choosing your Childs...

Godparents, Guardians or Mentors

In this day and age, I truly believe it is wise to take your time and choose worthy Godparents, Guardians, or Mentors for your children.

Our precious children need to learn who they can trust and be safe with, and for the times when they feel they may not be able to come to you for any reason, we need to provide them with role models that will have their best interests, and those of your family, at heart.

Traditionally, godparents are chosen for their own strong Christian beliefs, so they could help to guide the growing child in lessons of faith.

If you are choosing friends rather than family members, think about what role you would like them to play in your child's life...

It is traditional for girls to have two godmothers and one godfather, and boys to have two godfathers and one godmother, although it is up to you how many you choose.

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