Christian Dedications

This is a very special ceremony to thank God for His precious gift of a new little life, to welcome the child into the Christian faith and make promises to love, protect and raise your child according to Christian principles...

What happens at a Dedication?

I believe are children are precious gifts, and it is a blessing to celebrate their arrival in our lives. I perform Christian ceremonies for those wishing this type of service. As a civil celebrant, I am able to perform any of type of ceremony, blessing, or dedication your family desires as I am not bound by any particular religious decree or church obligation. Have you considered...
  • Would you like to hold it at home, the beach or perhaps a park?
  • What readings from the bible would you like to include?
  • What promises to God would you like to make that are personal and meaningful to you?
  • What hopes and dreams do you have for your child that you would like to have prayed over him/her?
  • Would you like to include singing, poems or special tributes by family and friends?
  • Will you be appointing Godparents to help guide your child morally in the years ahead?

At the conclusion of the ceremony, I present a beautiful Dedication Certficate to commemorate the day, a special gift for the child, and certificates to the Godparents.

My fee for this service is $350.00. This includes up to two appointments, preparation of the ceremony, all certificates required for prominent participants (Godparents, Grandparents & Guardians as required), a gift and certificate for the child, presentation of the ceremony on the day, and all travel involved (within 40km radius of my home). Please contact me for more details.

How do you choose Godparents or Guardians?

The bond that exists between mother and child never dies.
God is faithful to remind us that love and life are eternal
and that heaven is as close as a whispered prayer...

Author Unknown

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